Trailer Review: Trailmanor 2720 SL

June 13, 2006
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From its conservative travel length of just over 20 feet, the TrailManor 2720 SL folding travel trailer opens into a liberally sized domicile (27 feet long) that yields 180 square feet of interior living and sleeping space. Much like those ingenious folding Transformer toys kids love to manipulate, this travel trailer can be transformed in a matter of minutes into a spacious home away from home and returned to its travel configuration just as quickly.

The roof is a two-part structure (independent halves). The roof’s front section is released first and extended, followed by releasing the latch pins on the rear half of the roof. To send the front roof section out and up, you simply grab hold at the bottom front leading edge and pull toward you (out). You don’t have to lift the roof because the torsion mechanism TrailManor uses does the job for you. As you pull the roof toward you, it also raises to its fully extended position. Next, you flip up the two front stabilizer bars (one on each side at front) and insert the locking pin.

Standing under the raised front roof section you are now ready to pull out the slide-out living area to where it matches the solid walls that are part of the roof structure. After completing a similar set of evolutions on the rear roof section, you are ready to pull the slide-out bed platform into position. Upon opening and positioning the two halves of the Dutch-style main entry door, you are finished on the outside.

Once inside, you simply position the Velcro-backed insulated vinyl panels around the front perimeter of the living area to make the unit airtight. The double door cabinet that is stowed for travel on the floor is lifted and latched into place on the exterior wall above the galley sink. The silverware drawer/cabinet is set into place on the countertop.

The wardrobe design is another example of TrailManor ingenuity: It rotates up and slides along a rail (to which it’s permanently attached) to its own platform, against the opposite exterior wall. Lastly, the solid walls and the door on the bathroom are folded up and into place and the interior is ready to be enjoyed.

Body Build. TrailManor uses pre-cut sections of ultra lightweight polystyrene foam and sandwiches and laminates them between sheets of aircraft-grade aluminum. This combination of materials and the lamination process is what helps provide the strength, excellent insulation and the lightweight characteristics of this trailer. The foam insulation is a dense material (1 to 3 inches thick, depending on where it’s used in the unit) and by sandwiching it between aircraft-grade aluminum (which is also strong and yields minimal weight), the final unitized structure becomes even stronger than the parts are individually.

Slung under the steel frame (2×5-inch tubular members) are the rubber torsion axle, independent suspension, 14-inch wheels and radial tires, 10-inch electric drum brakes, and the overall low travel profile of the folded-down body that makes this unit tow and track so well. To protect the underbelly from any kicked-up road debris, the underside is dressed with aluminum sheet metal.

Inner Beauty. Inside a TrailManor you’ll find the things you would expect in a conventional travel trailer: Beds are permanent and not stuck in the middle of the living space; and bright maple cabinets and granite-look countertops provide a stylish touch.

The 2720 SL comes standard with an upholstered lounge chair that can be placed anywhere in the living area. There is also a unit-wide sofa/bed and two fold-down tables (one at each end of the sofa) in the front-end living/dining area of the 2720 SL that can be used for meals or lounging. This dual-purpose area covers for the lack of a separate and unique dining area.

The rest of the coach interior is filled out with a decent-sized galley area with a large single sink and faucet, refrigerator, cook-top and plenty of open countertop space on both sides of the kitchen; a private bathroom with cabinets, 12-volt-power recirculating toilet, sink, tub surround and shower; and a queen-size bed and full-height wardrobe at the tail end of the trailer.

Its electrical, plumbing, HVAC (heat, vent and air conditioning) and other utility systems and components found on the 2720 SL work well, and are yet another example of the care that goes into designing and building the TrailManor. In addition to the large freshwater tank, there is a 30-gallon wastewater tank for the lavy, shower/tub and galley sink.

The interior lighting system, porch light, and Fantastic Fan are 12-volt, but this unit also features a 30-amp, 25-foot power cord that permits the unit to tap into shore power at an RV campground for such things as the optional roof air conditioner and microwave oven (in place of the LPG oven). The system also includes a 45-amp power converter and battery charger.

Twin 20-pound LPG tanks located forward and nestled in between the structural steel members of the trailer tongue provide fuel to the cook-top range (with oven), the 20,000 BTU furnace and the LPG (or electric) water heater. For safety, an LPG-leak detector is included as standard equipment.

Road Manners. Our tow vehicle was a Dodge 1500 Hemi Mega Cab, and we didn’t use a load-leveling or sway-control device. Based on our experience over a variety of roads, the 2720 SL and the Dodge 1500 did not need these trailer-taming devices. Except for when we looked in the side or rear-view mirrors, the fact that the 2720 SL was behind us was transparent to those inside, especially to the driver. We also found it reassuring to be able to look out the rear-view mirror of the Dodge and see (over the top of the TrailManor roofline) any traffic that was directly behind our rig. Its travel height is only 64 inches.

The TrailManor exhibits excellent road manners and towing behavior, but ease of towing is only one of several pluses associated with owning this fold-up trailer. One of the options offered on the TrailManor is its hinged, foldable trailer tongue, reducing the overall length of the unit by 2 feet for storage. Many neighborhoods have codes and regulations that prevent an RV from being parked even in the driveway, let alone on the street. This means the TrailManor can often be stowed in the typical-sized family home garage with the door closed.

The wet gross (including a full tank of fresh water) and tongue weights gathered at a public scale were 3300 and 400 pounds, respectively. An effective cargo capacity of approximately 875 pounds remained, good for extended vacations. And due to its reasonable weight, many “family” vehicles can easily tow the unit with minimal impact on ever-increasingly important fuel economy.

For many, the TrailManor 2720 SL makes good sense. It incorporates the desirable features associated with a typical folding trailer, but comes with the security of solid walls. However, it’s far from just an upgraded tent trailer. Once set up, the trailer offers roomy comfort, and “big” trailer amenities and equipment. For those who want to begin enjoying trailer-camping in comfort and style, the TrailManor may be just the ticket. It’s an adult Transformer you can go on vacation in.

Major Standard Features. Independent suspension rubber torsion axles, double entrance steps, four scissor jacks, 110-volt outside receptacle, three porch lights, 12-volt demand water system, city water hook-up, auto-ignition gas/electric water heater, three-way refrigerator, 20,000-BTU furnace, twin 20-gallon LPG tanks, monitor panel, granite-look countertops, stainless steel kitchen sink, spare tire and carrier, outside shower, TV/cable outlet, park cable and phone jack, maple cabinet doors.

Major Optional Features. Roof air conditioner with heater, awning, TV antenna with power amplifier, swingaway hitch tongue, microwave oven, hanging kitchen cabinet, electric tongue jack, three-drawer dresser, stove cover, bike carrier.

TrailManor 2720 SL Specifications:

Base Price: $27,500

Price As Tested: $30,389

Travel Length: 20’ 3”

Campsite Length: 23’ 11”

Overall Width: 7’ 7”

Travel Height: 64.5″

Interior Height: 6’ 4”

Dry Weight: 2865 lbs.

Dry Tongue Weight: 392 lbs.

GVWR: 4075 lbs.

Fresh Water: 26 gals. (includes water heater)

LPG: Two 20-lb. bottles

Sleeping Capacity: 4 persons



P.O. Box 130

Lake City, TN 37769



Thanks to: Custom RV (714/630-8410; customrvsales.com), of Anaheim, California, for the loan of the TrailManor 2720 SL for this review.

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