First-Aid Kits

July 28, 2011
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There was a time when first aid in the field meant you took a gulp of “red eye,” and then bit on a bullet while your buddy cauterized the wound using the glowing hot blade of a hunting knife. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

Today’s first-aid kits are a field version of a well-stocked medicine chest — all neatly stored in a handy, easy-to-carry pouch. Some kits are specifically designed for a particular outdoor activity such as climbing, kayaking or backcountry biking. Still the family-style first-aid kit is one of the most basic, yet most essential tools one should have while active outdoors.

Most of us find ourselves enjoying the outdoors over the weekend, several times a summer. Typically, our family groups range in size from three to five campers including adults and children. A well-stocked first-aid kit for a group of four with enough inventory to treat relatively serious injuries is essential.

Download First-Aid Kits
Most well-stocked first-aid kits, whether “family” or “activity specific,” should provide an ample inventory of materials in five general areas:
o Medicines and antiseptics
o Bandages
o Injury treatment
o Instruments/medical hardware
o Instruction/reference manual

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