Camp Kitchen: Pancakes & Flannel Cakes

October 13, 2008
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They’re economical and quick to fix, and everyone loves them. Make your pancakes thick and fluffy or thin and crepe-like. Make them silver-dollar size for snacking, plate-size for stacking or platter-size for wrapping. You can feed a crowd quickly using a griddle that fits over two burners, yet it’s also easy to make them one or two at a time in a smaller skillet.

Saddle Blanket Flannel Cakes
Double and quadruple this recipe if you like, then package dry ingredients according to family size. In camp, just add liquid. This recipe serves four persons.
1 cup whole wheat flour
½ cup uncooked oatmeal
1/4 cup cornmeal
1/4 cup other flour (rye, buckwheat, barley, millet, unbleached white, etc.)
2 teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
2 eggs (optional)
1/4 cup Canola, corn or olive oil, or melted butter (optional)
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 cup milk or water or more
Whisk dry ingredients together. Stir vinegar into milk or water. Add eggs and oil with milk or water, adding more liquid as needed for the desired batter thickness. Spray nonstick skillet or griddle with high-temperature spray (such as Pam Professional), heat over medium fire, and form pancakes. When bubbles appear and cakes are golden on one side, turn over to brown the other side.

Pike’s Peak Pancake Pies
2 sheets pre-rolled pie crust
2 cans apple pie filling
½ cup chopped walnuts or pecans
1/3 cup golden raisins
4 slices American cheese, cut in 8 triangles
Lightly flour a clean dishtowel and unroll one crust. Cut into 8 wedges. Put pie filling, nuts and raisins in a saucepan and heat gently over very low fire. Stir to mix well, cover and set aside to stay warm. Brown eight piecrust wedges on both sides on a medium-hot griddle until golden and no oily spots remain. Place on serving plates and quickly top each with a triangle of cheese. While remaining crusts brown on the griddle, spoon warm pie filling over cheese. Add top crust and serve warm for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

Flapjacks with Dingleberry Sauce
12-ounce can grape or raspberry soda
½ cup dried cranberries
½ cup finely snipped dried apples or apricots
3 cups biscuit mix
Milk or water
1 or 2 eggs
1 can whole cranberry sauce
10-ounce bottle blueberry pancake syrup
In a saucepan or in a microware container, heat dried fruit with 2/3-cup of the soda. Cover and set aside to soften. Add eggs with milk or water to the biscuit mix to make thick dough. Fold in plumped fruit and more liquid as needed to make batter. Cook as for pancakes. Use the same pan or microwave container to mash the cranberry sauce with the blueberry syrup and remaining soda. Heat just to warm, not hot. Spoon the warm sauce over pancakes.

More About Pancakes
• Why do pancakes stick? Usually it’s because the griddle wasn’t hot enough, wasn’t sprayed or seasoned correctly or they were flipped too soon. Wait for bubbles to appear.
• No eggs are required in pancakes unless you need the added protein and fat. However, thin pancakes with high egg content make the best crepes and wraps.
• Add liquid and eggs to cornbread, muffin or biscuit mix to make pancake batter.
• Make thin pancakes to fold around your favorite stir-fry recipe.
• Put pancake batter in a self-seal bag. Heat the griddle. Snip a small corner off the bag and dribble batter onto the griddle in funny shapes to surprise the kids.
• Using big, thin pancakes, make burritos with your favorite filling.
• Using a 10-inch skillet, make pan-size pancakes. Squiggle with squirt-on peanut butter and jelly, roll up, wrap the end in a napkin and pass it to a hungry camper.
• Turn any flavor cake mix (but not angel food) into pancake batter according to package directions. Serve for dessert topped with whipped cream, canned fruit, instant pudding or a dusting of powdered sugar.
• Some cooks prefer to mix pancakes in a batter bowl (a bowl with handle and lip), then pour onto the griddle.


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