July 26, 2007
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o Pre-chill the ice chest for several hours before packing the cold food inside. Rather than using loose ice blocks or cubes, freeze water in sanitized old plastic milk jugs that can be sealed. Another solution is to use sealed freezer packs that you can buy. These methods will keep melt water from sloshing and cross contaminating the food.

o The day before your camping trip, freeze those food items that can be frozen, then seal them in plastic bags and pack them in the cooler just before your trip. Pre-cool in the refrigerator all the rest of the food items, before putting them in the cooler.

o While traveling, keep the cooler in the coldest part of the vehicle, out of the sun. If you can’t keep it out of the sun, throw a blanket or sleeping bag over the cooler to insulate it. A reflective emergency blanket will also protect the cooler.

o Keep the lid closed, to maintain the cold temperature inside. If you need to get something out of the cooler, do it quickly and get everything you need at once.

o Organize the cooler-place raw meat, poultry and fish in sealed containers, packed in the bottom of the cooler where the temperature is lowest.
o Before and after using the camp cooler, wash it thoroughly. Keep everything clean.

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