German Designer Builds Amphibious Camper, Sealander

December 7, 2011
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The Sealander amphibious camper

The Sealander amphibious camper

We know: it’s hard to decide whether to go camping or boating on any given day. Thanks to a genius invention called the Sealander built by a German design firm, aquatic campers no longer need to choose one or the other.

Meant only for calm, inland bodies of water, the Sealander camper combines the benefits of a compact tow-behind with those of a small boat powered by an electric, trolling-style outboard motor that puts out 5 hp. Other features include a retractable roof, onboard cooking equipment and a double-level floor that will keep things dry should water splash in or in the unlikely event of a leak.

The amphibious camper, Sealander, is the brainchild of German industrial designer Daniel Straub who designed the camper to expand the possibilities of campers. Straub said he has been fascinated by mobile living since his youth and thinks many people would enjoy this newfangled outdoor flexibility.

Sealander on water

The Sealander amphibious camper is easy to maneuver in water

Straub’s two years of testing, in his words, have shown the vehicle to be easy to maneuver on the water, yet comfortable quarters for two campers once on land. He hopes to eventually design a larger version for use in larger, more turbulent waters.

The designer hopes to have a version of the Sealander — estimated to cost approximately $20,000 — available for sale in late 2012. For more information on the innovative Sealander, visit www.sealander.de — be warned, though, the text is in German.

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