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January 5, 2006
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Baja Expeditions offers seven-day trips to Espiritu Santo Island. Group size is limited to 16. No previous kayaking experience is necessary. Tours are available from mid-October through early January, and mid-March through early May. The weather is unpredictable; be prepared for some wind, cool mornings and warm, perhaps hot days. Layer clothing for the best results.

Baja Expeditions, Mexico’s largest and oldest outfitter of adventure travel, has been offering tours in Baja for more than 31 years. These “Ecotours” are trips designed and shaped by the natural environment. Itineraries are flexible and spontaneous, and the guides are so good-natured you’re bound to feel like family before the trip is over.

Accommodations include cabin-style tents with cots, sleeping bags, liners, pillows and chairs in each tent. Snorkeling gear and kayaks are providedBathing in the ocean with biodegradable sea soap is the norm, but a freshwater solar “sun shower” is available for a freshwater rinse. Answering nature’s call with the sun and stars shining overhead will also be a new experience for some, as the privy consists of portable toilets hidden behind a maze of red, volcanic rock. Go with it!

The kitchen is set up near camp with wonderful meals provided three times a day. Special dietary needs are not a problem, just be sure that the staff is aware of them when you make your reservations.

Other Baja Expeditions guided camping trips include: Kayaking/camping the coast between Loreto and La Paz; California gray whale watch/camping in the famous calving grounds of San Ignacio Lagoon; and whale watch/camping in Magdalena Bay, another major calving spot.

For more information, contact:

Baja Expeditions
2625 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: 858-581-3311 or 800-843-6967
Fax: 858-581-6542
Email: travel@bajaex.com

Suggested Reading

Here are a couple of camping guidebooks that can be great pre-trip planning material for any adventures on the Baja California peninsula:

  • Traveler’s Guide To Camping Mexico’s Baja; Mike and Terri Church; Rolling Homes Press.
  • Baja and Los Cabos; Danny Palmerlee; Lonely Planet Travel Guide Books.

    Additional Baja Travel Adventure Information Sources

    Automobile Club of California

    Baja California Map
    Baja California Guidebook

    Baja California Almanac

    Border Insurance Services

    Discover Baja Travel Club

    Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs

    Mexican Auto Services, Inc.
    Baja Emergency Guide

    Mexican Tourist Board

    For information on campgrounds in Baja see:
    www.bajaquest.com/ensenada/baja10b.htm www.bajaquest.com/sanquintin/baja14b.htm
    www.bajaquest.com/sanfelipe/baja13b.htm www.bajaexpo.com/cities/gonzaga.htm

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