Twenty-five kitchen gadgets that make cooking away from home easy and fun


by Bob Carpenter
June 12, 2014
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The organizational tendencies of RVers are pretty high. They have to be. While it might seem like there’s plenty of storage space when you start to fill up a new rig, it doesn’t take long for the tough decisions to surface. Do you really need a full-size outdoor grill? What about the Crock-Pot — how many times will you use that on a given trip? After filling the galley drawers with knives, spatulas, corkscrews and more, it becomes clear that a better plan must be initiated to save space.
Some RVers simply grab what they think they need from the home kitchen and spill it into the available drawers, while others outfit the galley with new tools dedicated to mobile life. Regardless of which category you fall into, it makes sense to put some thought into what utensils you bring, to save time and have a better experience.
Planning what to pack and making everything fit is part of the fun of RVing, but it seems like no matter how much storage space your rig has, there’s never enough. When it comes to galley tools, the savvy RVer has to be careful and creative. If you can find tools that can do double duty, are easy to store through their intelligent design or make it easier to work in an RV’s limited kitchen space, then you’ve accomplished something important.
With an eye toward the special needs of RV living, we’ve surveyed some practical, innovative and fun kitchen utensils from top companies and lesser-known specialty toolmakers. On the next few pages, we present the best of the best for your consideration.


1-mastrad-qwik-wisk1. No-Mess Whisk


This universal mixer from Mastrad is excellent for making sauces, whipped cream and beaten egg whites. Just remove the lid and pour in the ingredients. The handles create a pulling-and-pushing motion that allows the core to spin for perfect mixing. $19.99.
Mastrad | 800-358-0608 | www.shopmastrad.com


2-joseph-joseph-Fold-Flat-Grater_Green2. Collapsible Grater

The Fold-Flat Grater from Joseph Joseph provides four practical blade styles — coarse, fine, ribbon and slice — in one compact product. Easily stored in a drawer, the folding grater has a protective sheath and lockable catch for safety. $35.
Joseph Joseph | 917-338-0905 | www.josephjoseph.com


3-progressive-herb-and-veggie-chopper-copy3. Chop and Serve

The Herb and Veggie Chopper from Progressive makes homemade salsa a cinch. Pile in onions, tomatoes, cilantro and spices (avocado when in season) and give it a few quick pulls. Remove the center blade, and the bowl turns into a serving dish. $17.99.
Progressive International | 253-850-6111 | www.progressiveintl.com


4-8Tovolo-Pot-Lid-Lift_Farm-Animal_Pig_Lifestyle-copy4. Lid Props

Tovolo’s handy Lid Lifters keep lids open slightly for air circulation and to prevent pots from boiling over. Designed to fit on the rim of most pots and pans, the whimsical silicone gadgets are shaped like farm animals and smiley faces to add some fun to your RV galley. $7.50 for set of three.
Tovolo | 206-633-6066 | www.tovolo.com



5. Wine Chiller

You don’t have to store wine bottles in the limited space of your RV’s fridge anymore. Now you can have chilled wine whenever you want it. Just cool the Chill spout from Host in the freezer, then place it in an uncorked bottle and pour — when you’re safely at camp, of course! $18.99.
Host Studios | 877-541-4678 | www.hoststudios.com


6-Lekue-omeltte-makerarchivo_es_4100-copy6. Microwave Omelets

Five minutes is all it takes to prepare a perfect, hassle-free omelet in your RV with the Omelet Cooker from Lékué. Made of BPA-free nonstick platinum silicone, the folding microwave omelet maker is easy to clean, easy to store and comes with a 10-year warranty. $20.
Lékué USA | 302-326-4805 | www.lekueusa.com



7. Stacking Veggie Tubs

Keep leftover garlic, lemons, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables fresh longer with Mastrad’s colorful Veggie Savers. The stackable set of four bowls comes with an equal number of smartly designed lids to fit the shapes of fruits and vege­tables and to help keep your fridge odor-free. $15.99.
Mastrad | 800-358-0608 | www.shopmastrad.com


8-microplane-bartenders-tool-41950u_300dpi-copy8. Three-in-One Tool

The Bartender’s Garnishing Tool from Microplane makes fast work of grating and zesting lemons, limes, oranges and other citrus fruit for happy-
hour cocktails under your RV’s awning. Measuring a compact 5½ inches, the versatile tool comes with a handy bottle opener on one end and a hole on the other for making garnish curls. $19.95.
Microplane | 800-555-2767 | www.microplane.com


9-mastrad-Foldable-Trivit-flat-copy9. Folding Trivet

This space-saving, heat-resistant trivet from Mastrad protects your RV’s table and countertops, and collapses into a small and easy-to-store hexagon. Unfolded, the silicone trivet can handle
the hottest pans. $5.
Mastrad | 800-358-0608 | www.shopmastrad.com


10--Zyliss-E930002U_EasiCanElectronicCanOpener-copy10. Quick Can Opener

Tired of opening cans by hand? The EasiCan electric can opener from Zyliss does the job in seconds with one touch. Just place the battery-operated EasiCan on top of the can and push the start button. Because it opens from the side and not the top, there are no razor-sharp edges. $19.99.
Zyliss | 888-794-7623 | www.zyliss.com


11-oxo-grater-1253580_2-(2)-copy11. Grate and Slice Kit

Oxo’s compact Good Grips set of grating and slicing tools features coarse and medium grating surfaces as well as straight and julienne slicing surfaces. Each surface can be positioned over bowls or plates for quick jobs or placed on top of the lid, which doubles as a container for collecting and measuring food. $29.99.
Oxo | 800-545-4411 | www.oxo.com


12-KuhnRikon_DualKnifeSharpener_HERO_300dpi12. Two-Way Sharpener

The handy Dual knife sharpener — for both serrated and straight blades — is smaller than most sharpeners used at home and stores neatly inside the handle. The handle itself is ergonomically designed for a firm grip. When closed, the sharpener measures 4½ x 2 x 2 inches. $20.
Kuhn Rikon | 415-883-1101 | www.kuhnrikon.com


13-SS-Magnetic-6-Spice-Rack-mastrad13. Magnetic Spice Rack

Compact but highly practical, these magnetized spice jars from Mastrad stay put on the accom­panying rack. Clear acrylic tops allow you to see what’s inside, and the six stainless-steel jars stick to the rack no matter how rough the road. Side openings allow for either pouring or sprinkling. $30.
Mastrad | 800-358-0608 | www.shopmastrad.com


14-Lekue-dessert-cups--copy14. Personal Cake Cups

Lékué’s silicone dessert cups let you use your microwave to bake individual cakes and serve them in the same containers. Minimal cleanup is an added benefit. The four 8-ounce nonstick cups come in pink, orange, green and clear for a festive dessert tray. $15 for set of four.
Lékué USA | 302-326-4805 | www.lekueusa.com


15-solo_spoon_two-sides-copy15. Singular Measuring Spoon

The elegant Solo measuring spoon from Epicurean is a new take on traditional spoon sets. Made of solid wood fiber, the sleek all-in-one tool has grooves on all sides that hold commonly used cooking measurements — tablespoon, teaspoon,
½ teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon. $29.99.
Epicurean | 866-678-3500 | www.epicureancs.com


16-CDN_ProAccurateWaterproofPocketTherm_Red_DT450X_300dpi-copy16. Digital Thermometer

Good cooks know that temperature is the key to excellent food, particularly when it comes to meat and poultry. The CDN ProAccurate waterproof thermometer reads in just six seconds and has a wide range from -40 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. $15.
Component Design Northwest | 800-338-5594 | www.cdn-timeandtemp.com


17-81-3538-Perfect-Poach-Main,-Step-2-copy17. Eggs in a Pouch

Got a hankering for poached eggs? The Perfect Poach kit from Tovolo helps you poach impeccable eggs in five easy steps, using no butter or oil. Just simmer some water and immerse an egg in one of the 20 nonstick pouches. Afterward, toss the biodegradable pouch in the trash. $5 for pack of 20.
Tovolo | 206-633-6066 | www.tovolo.com


18-Trudeau-Flex-Pot-Clips-copy18. Spoon Rest

No place to put that spoon while cooking a sauce? The Pot Clip from Trudeau attaches directly to the edge of a saucepan or stockpot to hold utensils so they drip into the pot. No more stovetop messes. The silicone and stainless-steel Pot Clip is heat-resistant and dishwasher safe. $9.49.
Trudeau | 800-878-3328 | www.shoptrudeau.com


19-Kuhn-Rikon_TongTools19. Twofold Tongs

Trying to save space? Tong Tools from Kuhn Rikon combine a fork and a braising spoon (shown), or a fork and a turner to make preparing and serving food easy. Each item can be used individually, or they can be hooked together in pairs to serve as efficient tongs. You can even use the fork as a whisk. $14.
Kuhn Rikon | 415-883-1101 | www.kuhnrikon.com


20-Vegetable-Sacks---Mastrad20. Sack Time

The Orka vegetable sack keeps just about any kind of veggie handy and protected from sunlight for a longer shelf life. Simply hang the sack on the back of a door, on a wall or in the pantry. Double drawstrings make it easy to add vegetables at the top of the sack and remove from the bottom. $8.95 to $11.95.
Mastrad | 855-880-5707 | www.shopmastrad.com


21-KuhnRikon_KOCHBLUME-Spill-Stopper_GLAM_300dpi21. Spill Stopper

Ever boil pasta and have the water bubble over? Of course you have, and it’s aggravating. The Kochblume spill stopper has a central vent and six petals that release steam and prevent starchy liquids from boiling over. It also works as a micro- wave steamer and a splatter guard. $25 to $30.
Kuhn Rikon | 415-883-1101 | www.kuhnrikon.com


22-welcome-home-brands-paper-bakeware-Spring-2013-Cover-4522. Paper Bakeware

Whether metal or glass, baking pans take up a lot of space. The solution? Disposable paper bakeware from Welcome Home Brands. They’re oven- and freezer-safe, making it easy to bake, serve and store with no messy cleanup. No need to grease the pan either. Available in multiple styles, shapes and sizes. $24.99 for 40-piece set.
Welcome Home Brands | 914-696-0010 | www.wel comehomebrands.com


23-Oxo-mini-measuring-1245380_1-(2)23. Measuring Beakers

Measuring liquid ingredients doesn’t need to be a big mess with the Good Grips mini measuring set from Oxo. Four small beakers measure and pour amounts from 1 teaspoon to 2 ounces, and they stack inside one another for compact storage. Each beaker stands on its own, making it easy to set out ingredients before you start cooking or baking. $9.99.
Oxo | 800-545-4411 | www.oxo.com


24-Oxo-nesting-bowls-1260480_1-(1)24. Bowls and Colanders

Rinsing berries for a snack? Making pasta for dinner? The nine-piece bowl and colander set from Oxo has just about everything you need. The set nests together, of course, but the convenience goes beyond that. Elevated rings help position the colanders over the sink drain, and nonskid bowl bottoms add stability while mixing. Three lids included. $18 to $24.
Oxo | 800-545-4411 | www.oxo.com


25-RoulPat_HalfSize_300dpi25. Easy-Bake Mat

Turn any table or counter into a nonstick baking workstation with the silicone-coated Roul’Pat mat from Sasa Demarle. It’s handy for rolling and kneading any kind of dough without sticking or using extra flour. And it stays put with an innovative backside that prevents slipping. Easy to clean and store, the 24½- x 16½-inch mat simply rolls up when you’re done. $39.99.
Sasa Demarle | 609-395-0219 | www.silpat.com




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