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Amanda Lepinski
March 30, 2012
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Recently, I was introduced to the term “glamping” (glamorous camping, for those of you not in the know) by a few coworkers who (affectionately) teased that I was probably a glamper. When I camp, I sleep on the ground in a tent in my subpar sleeping bag and just about my only requirement is that the campground offers a bathroom. Alas, I can’t blame them because I do talk about beauty products a lot at work and prefer to keep my desk sanitized and clean at all times. Well, clean except for the mounting piles of magazines and reader mail – which are always welcome! – that tend to accumulate on my desk each week. So, I wouldn’t say I am a glamper. I would, however, say that I love finding ways to stay healthy and clean while out in the wilderness — fresh water or not.

La Fresh sent me some samples to review and share with Camping Life readers.

On my quest to find some of these affordable and enviro-friendly products, I came across La Fresh. La Fresh was founded upon the belief that fresh water is one of the world’s most precious commodities. To promote their mission statement, La Fresh makes products that contain very little water per use and require little to no water to make the product work. These products have a lightweight design to cut down on the energy needed for shipping and most are made with only biodegradable materials – perfect for camping! I wanted to include La Fresh in a blog post because they promote some of my strong personal beliefs about products: the company doesn’t test on animals, only includes natural ingredients that are also free of parabens and animal byproducts. Pretty awesome, huh?

La Fresh offers an extensive line of personal care products that transport easily whether in a backpack, purse or overnight bag. Since I wanted to give an unbiased review of these products, I rallied a few female coworkers to give me their thoughts to include along with my own. I also enlisted the help of a few male coworkers for the gender-neutral and male-only products. (I figure it was only fair after their glamping remarks, right?)

Finally! Moisturizing hand sanitizer wipes that won't dry your skin out.


Healthy Hand Sanitizer – Being somewhat of a clean freak, I just loved these hand sanitizer wipes. Whether hiking trails, swimming in the lake or helping set up a campfire, the Healthy Hand Sanitizer wipes are marketed to remove 99.9% of germs and sooth skin using aloe, glycerin and vitamin E instead of alcohol. My hands felt clean, smooth and weren’t left feeling oily after use. Most importantly, after several uses, my hands weren’t dried out like they get with alcohol-based sanitizers. The pouch is resealable – perfect for sporadic use. If you take a long wiff, you’ll smell a hint of the Satsuma orange aromatherapy used in the product. Offered in a variety of options, the starting price is $4.99 for 12 packets.



Oil-free face cleanser moisturizes skin and removes makeup and dirt.

Oil-Free Face Cleanser– Billed as 100% biodegradable, fragrance- and paraben-free, these wet wipes got the thumbs up from both male and female testers. The guys liked how handy these wipes were to clean off sweat and dirt while the women liked that the wipes moisturized skin and cleaned off most makeup (there were slight traces of mascara and eyeliner the next morning). When you’re at a campsite without a bathroom or spend time outside on a hot day, adding a few of the individually wrapped wipes to your daypack is a nice skin refresher. Since these facial wipes don’t contain alcohol or oil, they won’t clog pores and or irritate the eyes when working up a sweat on the trails. $4.99 for a pack of 10.



Odorless, these wipes are designed for men and women's individual needs.

Travel Wipes, Deodorant for Men and Women – Wipes are designed for men and women’s individual needs. I used one of the women’s deodorant wipes in place of deodorant before work one day, which included a trip to the gym afterward where I did 45 minutes of cardio. As a replacement to antiperspirant, the deodorant wipes were effective in preventing odor and didn’t layer my skin with fragrance. At the gym I did work up a sweat, but luckily I also didn’t smell so people weren’t dropping like flies around me. My male coworker tried one of these as well and had different results. At work he was dry and didn’t smell, in his words, “funky” until he hit the gym. The bottom line here is that if you want to travel light and you don’t mind a little natural odor, these wipes could be your key. At least until you find the campground shower. Pricing begins at $3.99 for a six individual wipes. www.lafreshgroup.com

Over the years I have tried lots of moisturizers, antibacterial wipes and washes, and countless beauty products but La Fresh offered something most of the others didn’t: A company committed to the environment by offering cruelty-free products that do not contain any harsh chemicals or fragrances. I’m eager to try more La Fresh products but I’m also interested to hear what your favorite travel products are. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorites.


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