Gear Test: Gerber FliK Fish Multi-tool

September 10, 2010
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A specialized multi-tool may seem like an oxymoron, but since these handy creations hit the market over two decades ago, designs have proliferated to suit numerous specific functions. As an avid angler I’ve longed for a tool that could perform functions ranging from removing flies from the mouths of fish and snipping line or fly tippet to sharpening hooks and gutting my catch. While a number of previous models have almost done the job, the Gerber FliK Fish multi-tool excels in all the basic categories required by anglers.

While the FliK Fish sports all the standard items expected on a full-size multi-tool (pliers, knife, file, scissors, bottle opener, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers), it’s the configuration of these tools that makes this product just right for anglers. Beginning with the pliers, the lengthy, slender jaws of the needle-nose design reach easily inside the mouths of even small fish to grasp hooks for removal. For deeply engorged hooks, a special hook removal tool is incorporated on the file. The carbide-coated file also includes an ingenious, efficient groove for sharpening hooks.
A serrated blade works fine for cutting rope and other general tasks. The other blade is thin and sharply pointed, ideal for gutting fish. It can even be used to fillet panfish in a pinch. The tool’s scissors are rugged, capable of severing monofilament line of up to 150-pound-test.

The pliers are easily engaged with one hand. Just grasp the tool and flick your wrist. All of the other tools can be engaged independently without opening the pliers. The ballistic nylon sheath that houses the Gerber FliK Fish multi-tool has an opening at the end that allows the tool to be stored in the sheath with the pliers extended or closed.

The FliK Fish features a sliding mechanism that releases the extended tools for retraction. The mechanism on the tool I tested was a bit stiff and the protrusions that must be slid to release the tools are somewhat small. However, if fishing is what you like to do on your camping trips, the FliK Fish is an excellent do-it-all for anglers. $90. Gerber Gear: 800/950-6161; gerbergear.com.

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