Spenco PolySorb FLOW Warm Insole

Stuart Bourdon
March 22, 2012
Filed under Footwear

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Spenco PolySorb FLOW Warm Insole

Spenco PolySorb FLOW Warm Insole

Spenco has announced the introduction of its PolySorb FLOW Warm Insole. The new insole combines comfort and support with the foot-warming technology designed to provide protection against cold weather, without overheating the foot. Using an ultra-thin foil layer to capture natural body heat, the Spenco PolySorb FLOW Warm Insole features temperature phase change material (PCM) from Outlast Technologies that absorbs, stores and releases the heat as needed. This thermal technology – originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Air Force – interacts with body heat to first stabilize it and then create an environment that balances the temperature. While the foot is in motion, air channels within the Spenco PolySorb FLOW Warm Insole compress and expand to create heat circulation between the insole and the shoe. This air movement helps normalize the distribution of warm air, eliminating cold spots and regulating heat retention.

MSRP: $34.99/pair.

Spenco Medical Corp.
800-877-3626, www.spenco.com


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