October 9, 2006
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Alabama: Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel, 1-800-252-2262, www.touralabama.org

Alaska: Alaska Travel Industry Association, 907/929-2200, www.travelalaska.com

Arizona: Arizona Office of Tourism, 866/275-5816, www.arizonaguide.com

Arkansas: Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, 800/628-8725, www.arkansas.com

California: California Division of Tourism, 800/862-2543, www.visitcalifornia.com

Colorado: Colorado Tourism, 800/265-6723, www.colorado.com

Connecticut: Connecticut Vacation Center, 888/288-4748, www.ctvisit.com

Delaware: Delaware Tourism Office, 866/284-7483, www.visitdelaware.com

District of Columbia: Washington Convention and Tourism Corp., 800/422-8644, www.washington.org

Florida: Visit Florida, 888/735-2872, www.visitflorida.com

Georgia: Georgia Tourism, 800/847-4842, www.georgia.org

Hawaii: Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, 800/464-2924, www.gohawaii.com

Idaho: Idaho Tourism, 800/847-4843, www.visitid.org

Illinois: Illinois Bureau of Tourism, 800/226-6632, www.enjoyillinois.com

Indiana: Indiana Office of Tourism Development: 800/677-9800, www.enjoyindiana.com

Iowa: Iowa Tourism, 800/345-4692, www.traveliowa.com

Kansas: Kansas Travel and Tourism, 800/252-6727, www.travelks.com

Kentucky: Kentucky Department of Travel, 800/225-8747, www.kentuckytourism.com

Louisiana: Louisiana Office of Tourism, 800/677-4082, www.louisianatravel.com

Maine: Maine Office of Tourism, 888/624-6345, www.visitmaine.com

Maryland: Maryland Office of Tourism, 800/634-7386, www.mdisfun.org

Massachusetts: Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, 800/447-6277, www.massvacation.com

Michigan: Travel Michigan, 888/784-7328, www.michigan.org

Minnesota: Minnesota Office of Tourism, 800/657-3700, www.exploreminnesota.com

Mississippi: See Mississippi, 866/733-6477, www.visitmississippi.org

Missouri: Missouri Division of Tourism, 800/519-2100, www.visitmo.com

Montana: Travel Montana, 800/847-4868, www.visitmt.com

Nebraska: Nebraska Division of Travel and Tourism, 877/632-7275, www.visitnebraska.org

Nevada: Nevada Commission on Tourism, 800/638-2328, www.travelnevada.com

New Hampshire: New Hampshire Tourism, 800/386-4664, www.visitnh.gov

New Jersey: New Jersey Travel and Tourism, 800/847-4865, www.visitnj.org

New Mexico: New Mexico Department of Tourism, 800/545-2040, www.newmexico.org

New York: New York State Travel Information Center, 800/225-5697, www.iloveny.com.

North Carolina: North Carolina Travel and Tourism, 800/847-4862, www.visitnc.com

North Dakota: North Dakota Tourism Office, 800/435-5663, www.ndtourism.com

Ohio: Ohio Division of Travel and Tourism, 800/282-5393, www.ohiotourism.com

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, 800/652-6552, www.travelok.com

Oregon: Oregon Tourism Commission, 800/547-7842, www.traveloregon.com

Pennsylvania: Visit Pennsylvania, 800/847-4872, www.experiencepa.com

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Tourism Division, Travel Center, 800/556-2484, www.visitrhodeisland.com

South Carolina: South Carolina Tourism, 800/346-3634, www.discoversouthcarolina.com

South Dakota: South Dakota Tourism, 800/732-5682, www.travelsd.com

Tennessee: Tennessee Department of Tourism Development, 800/836-6200, www.tnvacation.com

Texas: Texas Tourism, 800/888-8839, www.traveltex.com

Utah: Utah Office of Tourism, 800/882-4386, www.utah.com

Vermont: Vermont Department of Tourism, 800/837-6668, www.vermontvacation.com

Virginia: Virginia Tourism, 800/847-4882, www.virginia.org

Washington: Washington State Tourism, 800/544-1800, www.experiencewashington.com

West Virginia: West Virginia Tourism, 800/225-5982, www.wvtourism.com

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Tourism, 800/432-8747, www.travelwisconsin.com

Wyoming: Wyoming Division of Tourism, 800/225-5996, www.wyomingtourism.org

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