Michigan Camping In Isle Royale National Park

November 23, 2011
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Isle Royale National Park: Photo by NPS

Isle Royale National Park: Photo by NPS

There are many campsites throughout Michigan to experience Michigan camping, but one of the best spots is Isle Royale National Park. Isle Royale is located within Lake Superior in Michigan. The park is comprised of Isle Royale itself, which is the largest island in Lake Superior, as well as approximately 400 smaller islands and submerged lands within 4.5 miles of the surrounding islands. The island is only accessible by seaplane or boat. Michigan Camping In Isle Royale National Park offers forests, shipwrecks, rugged coastlines, wildlife, and many water based activities. It is a terrific Michigan camping destination.

One of the best ways to experience Isle Royale is on foot. You can choose from many different hikes which range from easy walks to more rugged and extreme day hikes. Wildlife is also an incredible part of the Isle Royale experience if you get the opportunity to view some of the islands majestic animals. If you’re lucky enough, you may get the chance to see moose or even wolves.

Isle Royale National Park is one of the few national parks that close down during winter. The park closes between November 1st and April 16th. Because the park is only accessible by water, it remains relatively untouched by people, which makes the island a great Michigan camping destination. The park has a $4 daily fee per person. If you plan on visiting the park multiple times, you can also purchase a yearly pass for $50.

Visiting the park by canoe, kayak or boat is another popular way to experience Isle Royale. If you choose to visit the park by canoe or kayak, you must be experienced in those activities, because cold temperatures, sudden squalls, and fog can make traveling through the water quite dangerous. Another popular activity in the park is suba diving. Due to the cold temperature of Lake Superior, sunken vessels are extremely well preserved. There are a dozen ship wrecks, which means there are plenty of diving opportunities to choose from. Regardless of what you choose to do while camping at Isle Royale National Park, you’ll enjoy the solitude and amazing nature that Isle Royale has to offer.

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