Badlands Camping In Theodore Roosevelt National Park

November 23, 2011
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Badlands camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Photo by NPS

Badlands Camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park is beautiful and offers a diverse place with everything from badlands and forests to prairies and rivers. There is a wide variety of wildlife including bison, elk, horses, prairie dogs, long-horn sheep, lizards, snakes, and hundreds of species of birds. Badlands camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a terrific North Dakota camping destination.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is open all year, however, a few spots are closed in the winter months. The summers are usually warm with temps in the 70’s and 80’s. Winter begins in November, and can get quite cold from December to February. The weather can change quickly so visitors should be prepared for any condition while exploring the park. Thunderstorms are common during summer months, as are blizzards in winter. There is a $10 entrance fee for the park which is valid for 7 days. Anual passes will run you $20. If you plan on visiting multiple national parks, you can purchase an inter-agency pass ($80) which grants access to most national parks.

There are many activities to do while camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. There are tons of hiking opportunities, spectacular fishing spots, rivers for canoeing or kayaking, great wildlife viewing, and much more. There are easy strolls and more difficult hikes. With more than 100 miles of hiking trails, there is plenty of room to adventure.  Some wildlife you may see while camping in the park include bison, mule deer, elk, wild horses, coyotes, golden eagles, wild turkeys, big horn sheep, and more. Most of these animals can be found throughout the park, but caution should be used especially with bison as they can be dangerous. During the winter months, there are plenty of opportunities for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. There are no groomed cross country skiing trails so skiers have to blaze their own way through the snowy wilderness. With so many activities and animals, Badlands camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a unique North Dakota camping destination.

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