Rise Bars for Breakfast or Energy Boosts

Amanda Lepinski
February 9, 2012
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A selection of the Rise bars we received



I’m a pretty big fan of granola and energy bars, especially if I have a rushed morning and don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast; they provide a quick pick-me-up for the day. Plus, they’re healthy and often packed with protein to get me started. So, I was psyched to try the Rise bars that arrived on my desk and share my thoughts with you.

Rise bars, also known under the brand names Boomi Bar and Prana Bar, are marketed to provide people with specific bars for the needs of their day: breakfast bars to start the day, energy bars to combat the afternoon slumps, and protein bars as a pre- or post-workout snack. One thing I really respect about Rise bars products is that they not only cater to those with nutrition restrictions (those needing gluten-free bars, look no further!), they are also great for vegetarians (and most of their products are vegan-friendly as well!). Those who have chosen to live an organic-food-only lifestyle should note that Rise bars are also organic and made with unsulfured fruit, no preservatives and no GMOs (genetically modified organisms) go into their products.

I tried some of these bars and had mixed reviews. I thought the bars served their purpose and held true to their promise – I certainly perked up the mornings I had one of these bars (Crunchy Cranberry Apple and Crunchy Perfect Pumpkin). Though for fair warning, Rise bars don’t look and feel like your average breakfast or granola bar. The bars themselves are a mix of hard and soft and definitely took some time to chew – probably because they’re packed with fiber, an ingredient known to take longer to chew and digest (thus keeping you fuller longer!). Because the bars are not made with preservatives and the fruit is unsulfured (a fancy way of saying natural fruit with no chemicals to brighten color or preserve fruit), you’ll notice that the bars are mostly brown and black in color. Don’t let looks fool you; most of the bars I tried were really tasty. My personal favorite was Coconut Acai from the energy bar line.

A glamour shot before we enjoyed Crunchy Honey Walnut...

My palette is typically geared toward fruit, granola and nuts without a lot of extra sugar when it comes to energy or breakfast bars. The Coconut Acai bars were not too sweet despite being able to taste both the coconut and acai berries – I actually thought it was the perfect blend for that bar. I wasn’t crazy about the Crunchy Perfect Pumpkin as I thought the taste of pumpkin was a little too strong for a breakfast bar. I love pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, but the blend was too nutty for my morning.

Just about anyone can benefit from these bars: outdoor enthusiasts looking for all-day energy, a child who needs a snack before a big game, those of us who have slept in once or twice and are rushing out the door in the morning or simply keep a stash at your desk to combat the 2:30 slumps.

You can find Rise bars at select Whole Foods Market stores or order yours online at Risebar.comAmazon.comLuckyVitamin.com or Drugstore.com. You can purchase breakfast, energy or protein bar boxes (12 per box) on Rise bar’s website. $16.68 (12/1.4 oz. breakfast bars), $22.68 (12/1.6 oz. energy bars) and $27.48 (12/2.1 oz. protein bars).

If you have a favorite breakfast or energy go-to meal, tell us!


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